The overall program was great. I like the structure of the schedule. I like that you check in often and offer your support. I love the videos as it makes it very clear as to how to do the exercise, as well as how many sets and reps. I found the first couple of weeks tough but it got easier as the weeks went on. The last week or so I’ve been adding more reps to my ab routine as I found that 12 wasn’t enough but that’s great because it means that I’m getting stronger :) I think for someone who is really out of shape or that hasn’t worked out in a long time this program

 would be super tough but exactly what they need to get the changes they are looking for. I really think so many people (women especially) underestimate how strong their bodies are and what their capable of. This program would really show them that they can do it! 

Thank you for being you <3 


This is a very well post for lose your weight follow these instruction. Through the exercise weight are control and don't use heave food daily. Everywhere you go in every sector it has taken the highest percentage therefore you can imagine what this people are having to do through.


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