I thought the way you personalized the workout plan especially for me and where I was at in my fitness journey was really important. Checking in with me every week really motivated me to push myself in order to make progress and I was proud to share my progress photos with you. 

The reason I find your workout plan much more effective and enjoyable compared to others I have tried is that it is challenging but not impossible, I can do it right at home and it only requires short workouts 3 to 4 days a week. I have always been fairly active, walking, cycling and doing some sort of cardio activity and your workout plan didn't feel impossible to me like others I have tried yet I still felt that good muscle soreness after every one of your videos and I saw progress fast which motivated me to continue. The best part is I've kept the fat/weight off so the program works for long term fat loss not just short term weight loss which is so important and rewarding. 

I really think the way you designed it is great. I think you have been very helpful to me asking me questions and leaving it open for me to ask. I found your you tube videos very informative thoughout the program and how you demonstrate every exercise extremely helpful because it ensures I have proper form. I also like how you changed the exercises throughout the program so it wasn't the same all 6 or 12 weeks.


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