I told my husband this morning that I couldn't believe I didn't start working out sooner and he said "you just needed to find the right trainer and exercises".

The workout Plan is GREAT! It changes daily, helping my body not get used to the work and always leaving me sore and it helps me to not get bored doing it...

My favorite workout BY FAR is the ab workouts (specially after leg day). 
I find that all workouts are challenging because I'm always reminded to push my self till failure, however, to me, the MOST challenging is the leg workout with weights.  
When I begin with each workout, I find myself dragging a bit, the moment I break a sweat, my body completely wakes up and I feel like I'm in a fitness class (I add music to my workouts and sometimes my kids join me, that's how much fun these workouts are!)  I enjoy my workouts so much because they are easy to follow, yet they are tough on my muscles.  If my children can follow, I can definitely follow.
My favorite part about these workouts  is that I can do them at home.  I am a mother of 3 and motherhood takes over my personal life, so going to the gym is a luxury to me.   Florina has made these workouts for moms like me, that's how I feel! 
I honestly believe there's nothing I would change in these workouts.  I have seen the results, my husband and family members have seen my results.  I feel amazing, I am incredibly happy with the help and advice you've given to me, your encouraging words and how you've made me feel that even being a mom, I can be sexy and fit.  

6 Weeks In The Program



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