She now weighs two full pounds, She can hear fully and now reacts to light, noise and pain. They also say she can cry now. 

This is the last week of the 2nd trimester so next week I'll be entering my 7 months and 3rd trimester. 
I'm feeling the extra weight now, my lower back is starting to bother me and sleeping is much more difficult. I wake up sore and its hard to move. I almost always wake up with back pain which subsides as I get moving. 
My rib cage hurts and feels bruised and so do my sides.
They say that stretchmarks start around this time so be extra careful about applying your coco butter as well as not over eating in one sitting. I find it to be really uncomfortable if I eat too much in one sitting. 


I'm a very fit person. I've been working out for years and I get this same question every time I post a photo of me working out. "Are you supposed to be doing that while pregnant"? or "you should be resting and eating".

Now it doesn't upset me to be ask these questions or be told I need to eat more but it more frightens me because that means most women are just sitting ducks during their pregnancy, afraid to move and hurt their baby.

You only need 300 extra calories when your pregnant (when you think about it that's not really a lot so take the idea of eating for 2 out of your head because this will only harm your body.

  1. You'll gain too much weight which will hurt your self esteem making harder to enjoy your pregnancy and your baby. You can be at risk of getting depressed. You should only gain from 28 to 30 pounds your entire pregnancy. 
  2.  You have a higher risk of getting diabetes.
  3.  Your baby will get larger and may cause complications during labor. Most of Today's babies are born 9-11 pounds, Before they used to be 5-7 pounds on average. I believe over eating during pregnancy & hormones that are being added in our food are the reason. We cant do much about the hormones in our food but we do have a say in how much we eat and what we eat.