I know many have this idea to always to find these small cute snacks here & there to eat. I noticed that many of these cute snack have peanut butter. Here is the difference between 2 servings of peanut butter and what used to be my breakfast....

Here is the nutrition in Just two serving of peanut butter 
Calories: 400

My breakfast was:
2 scrambled eggs
1 whole wheat tortilla
Lowfat mozzerella cheese
Coffee with creamer (usualy french vanilla)
1 blueberry waffle with a light drizzle of syrup
Total Calories:477
Total Protein:24g
Total Fat:21g

Peanut butter It's not the food to eat if you are on a journey of loosing weight and fat. Any food that is higher in fat then protein is not the best choice 
of Protein Unless you are on a bulking journey and want to gain weight. I'm at a bulking stage and I have stayed away from peanuts and peanut butter. Just because I'd rather eat a 
big meal that will have me feeling full for a couple of hours rather then eat a handful of peanuts that are high in calories and fat and leave me still feeling hungry.

When you snack too much or just aren't aware of the nutrition in some foods you could end up being on a surplus on your calories and fat by the end of the day but feeling like you barely ate anything. 
that's were many people go wrong and think "I don't eat much why cant I lose weight" but what you don't realize is what you choose to eat was not filling although still high in calories and fat. 

My advice will be to stop eating small meals and have your big meals. You will find yourself craving less and eating what you need to eat. Lets just put it this way... when you
Go to the store hungry what happens? You over buy. But when you go to the store right after eat and feel super full? You buy less and make smarter decisions and plan your meals 
for the week without all the cravings that interfere with your shopping. 

Nutrition is one of the biggest problems there is. You'll be surprised to know what you are eating can make a huge change in your body. I would suggest everyone to learn
nutrition not just for themselves to make the right decision but to make the right decision for your kids.  They say 60% 
of the adults aren't happy with the way their body looks. Like the big saying says "Rome wasn't built in one day" it took years. So always keep in mind, what you do today 
is not going to effect you today but it might effected you in 2-3 days, a week or a month and maybe years. So learn what you are eating. 



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