One of my most memorable, challenging, painful and incredibly beautiful days of my life.

Although I had my moments of excruciating pain I also had very beautiful moments in between my contractions. I recall laughing and going back to conversations after each contraction.
In the very beginning of my labor I remember feeling complete excitement I couldn't believe the day had finally come that I would meet my baby Lyla. As each contraction came and left I knew I was getting closer and closer. 

A Quick Snack of cottage cheese and pita chips, Fueling up for my labor :D 
Monitoring Baby Lyla heart 
My contractions are starting to get closer we are also feeling excited !
As they get stronger hubby's there for support.
 Taking photo's with the cousins and mental supporters, they did great happy they were there.
Some more baby monitoring :)
Checking to see how dilated I was. I was 7 centimeters here. (it was painful)
Yes he stayed by my side the whole time, I'm so grateful and Lucky to have him :D 
7 Centimeters dilated and going into the pool hoping to ease the contractions.
Just waiting...
and Some more waiting.....
Hubby's making sure the waters at a comfortable temperature (he did this for hours)
I think everyone was surprise how well he handle everything, even the midwife  
A smile after every contraction :)
Here  my smile is slowly fading as another contraction comes
No contractions just having a fun conversation.
The Comfort from my husband was so appreciated and wanted, I remember when he would leave to get me something and I hated it. I would think to myself "please come back already" lol...
He knew me too well. He knew how to calm me down.
These where some of the worst contractions.
So happy he has big and strong hands.  He later told me I have some hided strength in me.
The moment we decided to get out of the pool and start pushing. I couldn't do it in the pool because for some reason it was slowing down the labor. 
There is nothing glamorous about these photo's lol.... This is when things got serious and Lyla's head was starting to show.
This was after the big push and baby Lyla had finally arrived.
My first time holding my little baby in my arms! You can just see the relief we both feel.
I personally love this photo. My hubby was just so happy to be looking down at his family.
These moments where so powerful, I felt no pain, I was so happy and my love for Lyla was growing by the second. You don't realize how much you love your baby till they are finally in your arms.
Our Little Family. We are no longer 2. 
My Sweet Baby Lyla!
Two happy parents.
I love how happy the hubby is, he was tearing.
The hubby got to cut the umbilical cord
Breastfeeding my munchkin for the very first time.
It was time for mom to push out the placenta and get sewn up so daddy jumped to hold baby Lyla for the first time. They say guys freak out but not him, he was anxious to hold his little girl.  Reason he didn't have a shirt was because Lyla needed skin to skin. 
Daddy and his princess, Another photo I love :D
A moment I'll never forget for the rest of my life, first time Lyla and I by our self. 
Skin to skin for her to know I was here.
I hope you enjoyed me sharing our birth story with you. I love these photo's and I'm so happy that I have them. During the labor I didn't care for them much but afterwards I was and still am so grateful to have them as beautiful memories.

Feel Free To Share Our Home Birth Story.

Watch Lyla's Home Birth Story

A highly requested video of our birth story. Lyla's 15 hour home birth story condensed into a short story. 
*WARNING* this video may be graphic for some but also extremely beautiful. .. may cause tears lol....



01/22/2015 11:39pm

Absolutely love this! We had a home birth with my son...but unintentionally! He just came super fast and we didn't have time to get to the hospital! So my husband delivered him in our bath 😉 Love you beautiful pics, it captures the moments perfectly 😊 xxx

10/01/2016 9:28pm

I envy you in a nice way for having such an amazing experience. It's not easy I know, but so is everything else in life. Your child is very lucky too because we all know that what you did can make him stronger and healthier. What I especially liked most about your story is how supportive your husband is. I think that was the sweetest thing in the world yet most don't experience it anymore as husbands are not allowed in the operating room in some hospitals.

10/05/2016 7:13am

Good one

01/23/2015 3:01am

Loooooooove it! Definitely a great moment to capture step by step.

01/23/2015 9:23am

Girl I give you props that made me exhausted looking at!! but Lyla is sooooooo cute!!! enjoy her

01/23/2015 12:06pm

Made me tear up! It brought back so many memories... my baby is now 5 years old :')... It will only keep getting better!

05/11/2015 10:04pm

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06/05/2015 6:49am

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07/01/2015 5:54am

Beautiful story and video. How much did Lyla weigh at birth?

07/01/2015 10:18am

Beautiful 💗 You and your husband did amazing! His support and your patience. Congratulations on your little Lyla.


This is one of a kind blog that I really appreciate. Many people are getting so scared when it comes to giving birth, but I am sure when time goes by and they will soon realize that they undergo delivery they will feel awesome. I knew it because I myself witness my sister how she passionate to give birth to her second child and it really awesome and grateful to witness that event. I agree to have lectured about giving birth not only in pregnancy.

08/25/2015 3:53pm

I love the sequential photos you posted! Perhaps, giving birth is one of the most painful experiences a woman can have, but this one is the most rewarding I must say. After the 9-month sacrifice of having the baby in her womb, she'll deliver the baby to the outside world, thus she has to face the painful way of this. Thank you for sharing your story, I'm sure you inspired our soon to be mom readers!

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Nice photos! Great story.

01/05/2016 11:35pm

Wonderful story!)

01/18/2016 9:42am

nice work!

Eleonora Miteva
03/02/2016 6:29am

OMG. I am an expecting mom and watching this video just couldn't stop my tears. So beautiful and courageous of you! Best thing I've ever seen. Congratulaions and big RESPECT!!!

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