I always thought that once you have a kid say goodbye to your body. Not one person in my life said anything positive about their bodies after having a baby They would say your hips will get wide and never come back, you;ll always have a pouch, stretch marks are inevitable, your boobs will sag from breastfeeding....etc..so I have to admit I was at times I terrified. Can you blame me?

Anyways, I was determined to change the way people thought of pregnancy. I ate a clean diet with lots of fresh fruits and veggies and lots of greens. We cooked at home most of the time so no processes food and definitely no fast food. I continued working out my entire pregnancy and I moisturized my body religiously never letting me feel dry....in fact I felt like a grease ball lol.... But hey I don't have 1 stretch mark from the pregnancy :D

I'm not saying it was easy because it most definitely wasn't. At least not the postpartum part. Having a little fragile baby who needs you 24/7 gives you barely anytime for yourself let alone to workout. So I would sneak in little workouts during naps, daddy holding her and even while I held her. I also took her for walks in the stroller. As time passed and she got older it was getting easier to get a full workout in and now at 6 months I've even been able to workout when it was just me and her at home as she entertains herself. 

Try everyday! Someday's no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get a workout in but the very next day I would try all over again. The secret is wanting it bad enough you make the time for it. Want it so bad that you wear your workout clothes all day just in case you find the time. 

It's not easy but it is worth the effort and definitely very rewarding. 



02/18/2015 10:07am

are you still breastfeeding?

03/12/2015 3:39am

It is really interesting post but I do not see everything completely clear especially for someone not involved in that topic Anyway very interesting to me.

06/05/2015 6:49am

etthanks for all the info I will tell this to my friends

06/08/2015 12:57am

Everyone told me that too! That my body would change and not in a cute way.
Obviously, a month postpartum, I still have a lot of fat and a pouch because I didn't have the energy and the time to have a workout, but with the training I'll begin...I'll have my body back in no time.

You are one georgous mama by the way! :D

11/30/2015 8:10am

You have really very smart and beautiful body and you are looking awesome in all pictures up there. You have a very cute baby and hope he is fine by the way i want you to tell us some fitness tips.

12/01/2015 9:45am

You do have such an interesting blog. Thank you!ss

02/02/2016 5:34am

"That your body would change and not in a cute way". its really faceted. When you fell pregnant then you must feel many changes in your body. I really like your blog but only foe the women's. Thanks for your blog.

03/02/2016 9:20am

You are very beautiful before and after pregnant :)

04/04/2016 11:00pm

OMG! You have such a beautiful body i ever seen after the birth of child, This is really amazing to maintain the body like you,You did great job. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


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