I'm a very fit person. I've been working out for years and I get this same question every time I post a photo of me working out. "Are you supposed to be doing that while pregnant"? or "you should be resting and eating".

Now it doesn't upset me to be ask these questions or be told I need to eat more but it more frightens me because that means most women are just sitting ducks during their pregnancy, afraid to move and hurt their baby.

Staying Fit While Pregnant 

Knowledge is so important. Now we have the internet and can google anything we wish. We can Read peoples stores and point of views and best of all we have our own common sense as to what seems ridiculous and what just makes sense.
But before I get into this, if you've never worked out before your pregnancy you should not start now. Only if you have been active before the pregnancy can you still be active.
There are precautions you need to take. Listen to your body. Know when something doesn't feel right. 
Also if you lift heavy weights like I did you do need to take the weight down a notch or 2. 
Continuing to workout during pregnancy is very healthy for you and the baby, Having the muscle and endurance will help you when its time to have the baby. Women who are fit have shorter, easier labors. 
Too many times I've heard moms blame their babies for the way they look, for their fat, cellulite, stretch marks (some may not be preventable like having twins). Babies do not ruin our bodies. We ruin our bodies. We gain too much weight during our pregnancy which leads to stretch marks and cellulite. The poor child had nothing to do with our choices.

♥ Stay Beautiful ♥
Florina (Makeup Artist)



06/05/2015 6:58am



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