What is transfat? It is the worst type of fat you can consume, trans fat is created when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil (a process called hydrogenation) to make it more solid. 
Partially hydrogenated oils aka "Trans Fat" are used by food manufacturers to improve the texture, shelf life and flavor stability of foods.

As I mention in my video I am bring back the ACV Challenge. WHY? Well last time I did it, it worked great for me by keeping my belly slim during my bulking and most of you know I am bulking again and don't want the heavy, full feeling to come with it. 
Doing the ACV will also regulate me which is ideal when consuming so much extra food.

I know many have this idea to always to find these small cute snacks here & there to eat. I noticed that many of these cute snack have peanut butter. Here is the difference between 2 servings of peanut butter and what used to be my breakfast....

Here is the nutrition in Just two serving of peanut butter 
Calories: 400

My breakfast was:
2 scrambled eggs
1 whole wheat tortilla
Lowfat mozzerella cheese
Coffee with creamer (usualy french vanilla)
1 blueberry waffle with a light drizzle of syrup
Total Calories:477
Total Protein:24g
Total Fat:21g

One of my most memorable, challenging, painful and incredibly beautiful days of my life.

I always thought that once you have a kid say goodbye to your body. Not one person in my life said anything positive about their bodies after having a baby They would say your hips will get wide and never come back, you;ll always have a pouch, stretch marks are inevitable, your boobs will sag from breastfeeding....etc..so I have to admit I was at times I terrified. Can you blame me?

Our hormones are out of wack while pregnant and also while breastfeeding. If you where fit before your pregnancy and continued working out the same during your pregnancy you would have noticed no matter what you did you got softer and lost muscle mass. 

Since I first starting posting about our Juicing & results I've been getting a ton of questions so I figured I would write a little note and hopefully answer all the questions for you. 

These questions apply for During My 4 day Juice Fast....

 Q: Do you eat anything else besides the juices? 
A: NO! I did not have any meals except for the juices. I did however snack in between when getting hungry. I snacked on fruits, salads, peanuts (lightly salted or unsalted), cashews & cucumbers in Lemon. Just don’t over do the snacking.... and drink plenty of water.

Its time to Combat Cellulite…

There are a few steps to take to help dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite.
I for one had cellulite so I know how difficult it can be and I am also a living proof that these steps will work. I've had too many people say you can’t get rid of cellulite but I can guarantee that you can dramatically reduce it by following these 4 steps…

This Baby Bump Video is a little different...

I wanted to do a little video on my leg workout routine. I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant. To be honest I did go down in weights more and more as I progressed into the pregnancy. I like to keep it safe and feel comfortable so these workouts are meant to maintain what I have, I’m not doing them to build muscle. I’ll leave the goal setting for after the baby arrives.

I was asked about my pregnancy workout routine so here it is, btw I'll have my back and arms up shortly as well this is only my current leg routine. ( I say current bc you should be changing it up, less weight more reps or less reps more weight) 


Baby is getting pretty big and it seems she’s running out of space. I also feel a lot of pressure and lately she has been hitting my hip bones. I cant say for sure that’s a sign of her coming but it sure is uncomfortable.


I feel great besides the whole can’t move very well and I’m out of breath just by taking a shower, applying lotion or even dressing myself.
I’m getting a lot of creamy discharge which scares me at times because it comes out in bursts and I’m like “OMG did my water just break” lol…